US Fixed Income

Consistent investment process and highly experienced team

Why U.S. Fixed Income?

We have a long history of managing fixed income portfolios using a well-established, consistent investment process, backed by an experienced team.

Our approach

Our process is driven by the belief that fixed income markets are inefficiently priced. We believe fundamental relative value analysis with a focus on bottom-up security selection is the most consistent way to add value over time.

The key tenets of our process are:

  • Active, bottom-up approach to security selection
  • Portfolio construction focused on relative value
  • A global opportunity set provides diversified sources of alpha
  • Team based decision-making
  • Forward-looking risk management embedded in every step of the process

Core and Core Plus and Total Return

Our Core strategy focuses on identifying high-quality securities in the corporate, mortgage, municipal, U.S. Treasury, and government agency sectors. We seek to identify pricing inefficiencies of individual securities in the fixed income markets, rather than relying on interest rate forecasts.

Our Core Plus strategy seeks to deliver incremental value by opportunistically investing in international, emerging and high-yield fixed income markets.


Using our consistent fixed income process and our integrated global credit platform, we seek to identify Credit opportunities across the corporate, municipal, sovereign or supra-national entities, and U.S. Treasury and agency securities

Our credit research is proprietary and forward-looking and seeks to identify securities selling at a discount to their intrinsic value. Risk management is embedded across our portfolio construction process

Intermediate and Short Term

In the intermediate and short-term fixed income space, we seek to identify the pricing inefficiencies of individual securities within the fixed income market.

U.S. Opportunistic

We believe security selection helps drive excess returns. We use our integrated global research platform to help determine intrinsic value and identify potential purchase candidates. We compare total return across sectors and use our upside vs. downside targets to drive buy and sell decisions to create a diversified portfolio constructed bond by bond.