Emerging Market Debt

Positive outlook and diversification benefits

Why Emerging Market Debt?

We believe the debt of today’s emerging markets represent some of the world’s most dynamic credit opportunities. Relative to much of the developed world, these markets offer a great capacity for economic growth.

Emerging Market Debt exhibits low correlation with conventional fixed income and low-to-moderate correlation with equities. Emerging Market Debt is an attractive alternative to traditional fixed income because of:

  • Increased investment opportunities
  • Improving credit quality
  • Attractive debt dynamics
  • Significant diversification benefits
  • Increasing importance of frontier markets
  • Improving country fundamentals

Our approach

  • Long history of investing in Emerging Markets  - approximately a half of our total AUM is invested in Emerging Markets
  • A core belief in first hand fundamental and technical research by our own team of portfolio managers
  • Well-resourced, stable and highly experienced team with a robust track record of investing in Emerging Market Debt across a number of market cycles
  • In-house fundamental top-down and bottom-up credit analysis providing comprehensive coverage of all factors relevant to the asset class
  • Little attention paid to consensus as represented by peer group or benchmark. We trust our own research